Top 5 mobile brands in the world

Mobile Phone is one of the essential parts of our daily life to maintaining all communications with our friends and well wisher. Mobile Phone has totally changed our daily life style to keep communicate with others. Every mobile phone has its own brand company such as Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Symphony etc.

Top -5- mobile- brands- in -the- world

 Here I will describe about some best mobile phone company in the world and their business policy to get brand value of their produces and marketed products. Moreover, the Top smart phone companies are trying to defeat the one another to make their own reputation in the competitive mobile market. 

Now this is the fate that when any top reputed mobile phone company declared about their new upcoming product then the other companies also try to present in the market with another better services products. So let’s see some top smart phone company in the world with their short business description.

  • Samsung

  • Nokia

  • Apple

  • ZTE

  • LG

  • Huawei

  • Lenovo

1. Samsung

Samsung is one of the largest leading electronics and mobile servicing company in the world. Samsung has gained popularity by its own awesome mobile phone services especially for Samsung Galaxy Series. Samsung is a South Korean Company, situated at the Samsung Town, Seul. Lee Byung-chul was the founder of this worldwide famous company with a purpose for run a trading business. He founded the company in 1938.Now Samsung is one of the giant affiliate company in the world.

2. Nokia

Nokia is one of the world famous multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company in the world. Nokia company was founded in 1865. Nokia Company Headquarters is situated in Espo, the greater Helsinki, metropolitan area. Now

Nokia is the most popular mobile servicing company in the world. The company has brings a lot of smartphones in the market for their customers and for clients. The N Series of Nokia smartphone is one of the desired smartphones all over the world for every fashionable and stylish mobile-loving people. However, Nokia has lost their old reputation but they are trying to come back again in the market with their updated product to draw attention for smartphone loving people.

3. Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is the best mobile products and electronics company in the world. Apple Inc. is one of the American multinational technology company in the world. Its Headquarters is situated at Cupertino, California.

Apple products are very high quality and heart touching and eye-catching design provided. Apple products are very high demandable and it has own brand value where the other companies are trying to gain customer satisfaction. Every single product of Apple Inc. Company products are very sustainable and highly recommended design at every part of the whole body, smart look up, aristocratic design. That’s why it’s one of a single product is so high price but has awesome positive customer reviews.

4. ZTE

ZTE Corporation is one of the famous and popular Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and mobile brand company in the world. The main headquarter of ZTE Corporation company is situated at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. ZTE Corporation is one of the Chinese leading telecom manufacturer company in the world.ZTE was founded in 1985 at Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China. Now the company is very popular for their new brand mobile phone services in the world. The new model ZTE smartphone is available in the market for the high demand of their clients.

5. LG

LG means “Life’s Good” The term is very familiar and well known to all. But this word LG is “Lucky-Gold Star” is one of the South Korean multinational conglomerate company in the world. LG Corporation was established in 1947 as bearing formerly Rak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corporation.

It has different multinational electronics and industrial products. Among them, mobile phone service is one of the great parts of their business policy. LG smartphones have enough coverage of the mobile market. The LG phones have a long durable sustainable battery system. However the LG mobile phones have no enough features but still, it is performing well.

6. Huawei

Huawei is one of the largest mobile company in the world. The company was founded by Ren Zhengfei a former deputy director of the “People’s Liberation Army”. The company headquarter is situated at the Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They provide their services worldwide. The mobile phone service of Huawei is excellent. They announced about their upcoming products to advance inform of their clients. The popularity of Huawei mobile is growing day by day.

7. Lenovo

Lenovo Group Ltd. Is one of the leading Chinese multinational technology company in the world. They provide their service throughout the world. They are especially known for their computer accessories and mobile service. Lenovo has a great reputation for their good quality services.

Lenovo mobile phone is really well and performance is quite good. Lenovo mobile gradually increases their supportive features which will make this phone attractive. This Lenovo phone achieved the customer satisfaction for their well designed, furnished, slim and lovely look up. That’s why people loved their products and support by purchasing this beautiful android smartphone.